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Wissinger summarizes her fellowship work in digital story

Professor Jane Wissinger, Department of Chemistry organic lab director, reviews her faculty fellowship program, creating videos to enhance learning in organic laboratory course, in a digital story. The story will be published at the end of this year.

In June 2012, Wissinger receive a $10,000 Office of Information Technology (OIT) Faculty Fellowship. She used the fellowship to develop a series of videos for her organic laboratory course, encompassing apparatus, observations, and problem-solving skills. 

The videos augment Wissinger's lectures, and reinforce proper experiment and laboratory techniques and equipment and chemical use. Each video includes step-by-step details, hints, and suggestions. They are posted on the website and easily accessible to students. The videos also are used to train teaching assistants.

Check out Wissinger's digital story on YouTube.

Front page photo by Eileen Harvala. Story photo by Patrick O'Leary.