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Symposium to honor Donald Truhlar at ACS 2015 meeting

The National ACS Meeting in Denver in Spring 2015 will feature a symposium entitled "Computational chemical dynamics: Advancing our understanding of chemical processes in gas-phase, biomolecular, and condensed-phase systems: A symposium in honor of Donald Truhlar.” Professor Jiali Gao is helping to organize this symposium.

The symposium announcement says, "This symposium will highlight the central role of theory and computation in our understanding of the structure, energetics, and dynamics of molecules in gas phase, macromolecular, and condensed-phase systems. It will emphasize theoretical and experimental studies that have advanced novel computational techniques and experiments validating theoretical results. In addition, this symposium will recognize contributions made by Professor Donald G. Truhlar and his collaborators in advancing computational tools and their application in these areas."

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