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Jinbo Hu chosen to present research at Bell Labs

Jinbo Hu is one of 10 graduate students chosen to present their research at Bell Labs' Nobel Prize Celebration and U.S. Future X Days, April 7-8. He is a third-year graduate student co-advised by Professors Philippe Buhlmann and Andreas Stein.

Jinbo will present his research, Disposable Paper-based Electrochemical Ion-sensing Platform. Better healthcare has always been a global challenge, and countless lives could be saved if affordable diagnostic devices were available, especially in the developing world. Jinbo will talk about the development of a low-cost diagnostic device based on paper, which is designed to quantitatively determine the concentrations of electrolyte ions (e.g., Cl-, K+, Na+) in a blood test. This ion-sensing platform contains miniaturized all-solid-state ion-selective and reference electrodes integrated on paper with microfluidic channels. Upon measurement, only one droplet of sample is needed. These devices exhibit linear responses towards different concentrations of electrolyte ions. They are disposable, simple to use, compatible with a voltmeter as a readout instrument, and do not require any supply reagents to function. They provide a promising affordable solution to the quantitative analysis of the electrolytes in blood tests.

In addition to the research presentations, this event includes a celebration of Bell Labs’ 8th Nobel Prize with a presentation from Eric Betzig who is the 2014 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.