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Two DOVE Fellows begin research and graduate studies

DOVE Fellows Kang Xiong-Hang and Amani L. Lee. 

The Department of Chemistry has an unprecedented number of Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) fellows who are starting as first-year graduate students this fall, and are performing research in the department this summer. DOVE fellows are Amani L. Lee and Kang Xiong-Hang.

Amani L. Lee earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Hamline University. He will be focusing on chemical biology, and is working on the synthesis of synthesis of porous silica nanoparticles and the incorporation of fluorinated molecule, which he will study using nuclear magnetic resonance. His advisers are Professors Christy Haynes and Will Pomerantz.

Interested in aging and neurodegenerative diseases, Kang Xiong-Hang is conducting research under the tutelage of Professor Edgar Arriaga. She is working on metal-labeling antibodies to study sarcopenia and muscle weakness associated with aging, and using mass cytometry to analyze the cell labeled samples. She earned her bachelor’s degree from California State University in Fresno.

In addition to research, Amani and Kang are participating in the DOVE Summer Institute.

The DOVE Fellowship Program seeks to assist graduate programs in promoting a diversity of views, experiences, and ideas in the pursuit of research, scholarship, and creative excellence. This diversity is promoted through the recruitment and support of academically excellent students with diverse ethnic, racial, economic, and educational backgrounds and experiences. The program is offered through the University of Minnesota’s Office for Diversity in Graduate Education.