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JST teaches young campers about every day chemical safety

Members of the Joint Safety Team recently attended the Chisago County Safety Camp, which is an all-day event for children who have completed 3rd grade through 5th grade. The campers learned about safety in a variety of different situations including bike, fire, electrical, and chemical safety.

The Joint Safety Team taught the children chemical safety related to their every day lives, including:

  • The importance of different eye protection (this demonstration involved the use of balloons wearing different types of eye protection, and the children sprayed colored water to see how effective the different types of eye protection were).
  • The importance of proper protection against the cold (this demonstration involved the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze various items to show how important it is to wear proper clothes in the winter).
  • Making mini-CO2 fire extinguisher (for this demonstration, the young people mixed baking soda and vinegar in a small plastic bottle, and using the gas created from the reaction, they extinguished a candle).
  • The importance of reading labels for medication (Coca-Cola and different amounts of Mentos were used in this demonstration to show that not everything reacts well when mixed together).