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Klein receives Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship

Post-doctoral Associate Johannes Klein has received a prestigious Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Klein is working in the laboratory of Regents Professor Lawrence Que Jr.

With a strong interest in interdisciplinary research, Klein is combining his core training in organic chemistry with opportunities to focus on bioinorganic chemistry in Que’s laboratory. His current research focuses on the preparation and study of high-valent iron complexes, and how these can be applied to the selective oxidation of organic matter resulting in valorization.

Klein received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Universität Dortmund in Germany, and his master’s degree from University College in Dublin, Ireland. In 2014, he earned his doctorate from the Universität Stuttgart in Germany, under the tutelage of Professor Bernd Plietker.

The purpose of the Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship is to promote academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany. Fellowship recipients must be supported, or what’s called hosted, by Humboldt Foundation alumni, who are called Humboldtians. Klein’s host is Department Chair William Tolman who received a Humboldt Foundation Research Award in 2004.