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Siepmann named associate editor of Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data

Professor Ilja Siepmann has been named associate editor of Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, which is a monthly journal devoted to the publication of data obtained from both experiment and computation, which are viewed as complementary. It is the only American Chemical Society journal primarily concerned with articles containing data on the phase behavior and the physical, thermodynamic, and transport properties of well-defined materials, including complex mixtures of known compositions.

The appointments of Siepmann and David Kofke, SUNY Buffalo, as associate editors signals the increasing importance of predictive modeling and theory for the generation of accurate and precise data that are essential for the design of chemical processes.

Siepmann is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor. His research focuses on statistical mechanics, specializing in particle-based computer simulation to understand how molecular architecture and composition influence structure, phase behavior, and function of complex chemical systems. The Siepmann research group has developed efficient Monte Carlo algorithms and accurate force fields that enable predictive modeling for chemical separations and materials design.