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Researchers attend forum on electronic notebooks

Electronic notebook systems are rapidly becoming the standard in chemical research. At a recent Chemical Biology Colloquium, Professor Courtney Aldrich from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry gave a presentation on electronic notebooks entitled, "Getting a grip on electronic notebooks."

Aldrich provided general information about electronic notebooks and the companies that produce them. His graduate students Joe Buonomo and Matt Bockman showed some of the features of the electronic notebook system that they use, including chemical inventories, group databases, and the recording of chemical synthesis and biological evaluation experiment findings.

"What was clear from this presentation is that these electronic systems have evolved to a state of being more user friendly," said Chemistry Professor Mark Distefano. "Their searchability and ease of access from any location make them an attractive option for tracking experiments and data. This is even more important today where funding agencies are mandating data management plans."

Click here to view the slides that were used in the presentation.