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Odoh receives EFRC award for MOF node research

Post-doctoral Associate Samuel Odoh was one of three post-doctoral researchers who received awards at the Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC) Principal Investigators’ Meeting, which was conducted October 26-27. Odoh presented his research, “Metal-organic frameworks nodes as nearly ideal supports for molecular catalysts: NU-1000- and UiO-66-supported iridium complexes for ethylene conversion." Odoh, who has a doctorate in theoretical computational chemistry, works with Professor Laura Gagliardi who is director of the EFRC Inorganometallic Catalyst Design Center. He has be working with Gagliardi since October 2013.

Each of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) EFRCs was invited to nominate one graduate student and one post-doctoral researcher to present a talk at the Principal Investigators’ Meeting. The DOE EFRC management team then selected 16 finalists to present a talk. At the meeting, teams of DOE program managers selected the top three graduate students and postdoctoral researchers based on how well the research exemplified the opportunities provided by the EFRC funding modality and scientific excellence. The winners received an award certificate from Harriet Kung, director of the DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences, during a ceremony at the end of the meeting.