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Department hosts MUACC conference

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Mark Vitha from Drake University presents a chalk talk, Using NMR in the General Chemistry Laboratory to Aid in Visualizing Molecules, explaining that the outline for his talk forms an acronym familiar to University of Minnesota chemistry softball teams, "I Am Kolthoff, and You Are Not." T-shirt courtesy of UMN Professor Pete Carr.

The Department of Chemistry hosted the 2015 Midwestern University Analytical Chemistry Conference (MUACC), November 5-7. Professor Philippe Buhlmann was the lead organizer for the conference. The last time the conference was help at the University of Minnesota was 2001. The MUACC conference series has a 68-year-old tradition of attracting faculty, post-doctoral associates, and advanced graduate students both from prestigious research universities and from under­graduate institutions from a wide geographical area. This year’s conference attracted about 70 attendees, with most coming from other states in the Upper Midwest. The MUACC conferences are unique because they focus on identifying new trends in research and instruction of analytical chemistry and in forging new alliances among research groups. The conference style is informal, with most of the presentations chalk talks.