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Jeff Ting receives pharmaceutical student award

Recent research from the research group of Professor

Jeff Ting, a chemical engineering graduate student advised by professors Theresa Reineke and Frank Bates, is the recipient of the first American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing (PD2M) Student Award.

The PD2M Student Award recognizes students with outstanding contributions to the field of pharmaceutical discovery, development or manufacturing. Selection was based on the student's contributions to the research in or application of innovative solutions to technological problems, and/or commercialization of new processes and products. 

Jeff was honored for his research with Dow into solubilizing highly hydrophobic drugs for oral administration using amorphous polymer-drug dispersions. This included a modeling approach to direct synthesis of HPMCAS incorporating a myriad of monomers and functionalities to improve the solubilization of APIs. This new type of excipient could be useful for solid dispersions of rapidly crystallizing APIs. Jeff's work as led to multiple publications and two patents.

Jeff was awarded a commemorative plaque and $5,000 at the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. The awards is sponsored by Pfizer.