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Reineke laboratory research featured in ACS Axial

Recent research from the research group of Professor

Research from Professor Theresa Reineke's laboratory is featured in a special themed collection of macromolecular chemistry in ACS Axial. This publication is showcasing a sneak peak of Pacifichem 2015 by highlighting research published in American Chemical Society journals by select speakers and session organizers. The macromolecular chemistry collection was assembled to “highlight impactful and recent advances by polymer scientists with promise for future discoveries and developments.” It features work led by Reineke and coauthored by former Reineke lab members Yaoying Wu, Miao Wang, Dustin Sprouse and Adam Smith that was recently published in Biomacromolecules and is entitled, “Glucose-Containing Diblock Polycations Exhibit Molecular Weight, Charge, and Cell-Type Dependence for pDNA Delivery.”