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Collaborative work on terpolymers featured in Nature Materials

Recent research from the research group of Professor

The collaborative work of professors Marc Hillmyer and Theresa Reineke and their research groups was highlighted in an article published in Nature Materials.

In the article, "Polymer Chemistry: Still in Control," author Jeffrey Pyun highlights the development of synthetic strategies and advances in top-down nanofabrication. He featured the Department of Chemistry's research into the creation of block terpolymers, which could be important for in vivo drug-delivery applications.

Read the article on Nature Materials' website, or download a PDF of the complete article.

In the figure: Glucose-functionalized diblock terpolymers. a, A schematic representation of the glucose- functionalized diblock terpolymers and the micellar structure formed in fetal bovine serum. The polymer micelles are composed of poly(ethylene-alt-propylene)–poly[(N,N-dimethylacrylamide)- grad-(2-methacrylamido glucopyranose)] (PEP–poly(DMA-grad–MAG). b, A cryogenic transmission electron micrograph of the diblock terpolymer micelles. Image reproduced with permission from ref. 9, © 2012 ACS.

Yin, L., Dalsin, M. C., Sizovs, A., Reineke, T. M. & Hillmyer, M. A. Macromolecules 45, 4322–4332 (2012).