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Graduate students earn quantum chemistry poster prizes

Recent research from the research group of Professor

Graduate students Junwei "Lucas" Bao and Haoyu S. Yu earned poster prizes at the International Congress of Quantum Chemistry in Beijing, China. They were honored for their poster papers’ scientific originality, layout, and explanation. Both are advised by Regents Professor Donald Truhlar.

Bao's poster, Multi-Path Variational Transition State Theory for Chiral Molecules: The Site-Dependent Kinetics for Abstraction of Hydrogen from 2-Butanol by Hydroperoxyl Radical, was co-authored by post-doctoral associate Rubén Meana-Pañeda and Professor Truhlar. Yu’s poster, Exchange-Correlation Functionals with Broad Accuracy for Chemistry and Physics, was co-authored by Professor Xiao He of East China Normal University and Professor Truhlar.