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To: Undergraduate Chemistry Majors
From: Director of Undergraduate Studies in Chemistry
Date: January

There are several scholarships and prizes available to declared chemistry majors at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. To receive consideration for any departmental scholarship you need to meet the following criteria. Awards will be announced in the spring and awarded the following fall to your university account.

Award Eligibility Application Material Size of Award
You have one year left in the Chemistry Program
  • One letter of recommendation must be from research advisor.
  • Brief description of undergraduate research.
  • Statement of career goals. *
Up to 6 awards, $3,000 each

Must have two years left in the program.
  • One letter of recommendation from chemistry faculty member.
  • Statement of career goals. *
Up to 5 awards, $2,000 each

Sophomore Award Must have three years left in the program and have done undergraduate research
  • One letter of recommendation from chemistry faculty member.
  • Statement of career goals. *
Up to 2 awards, $1,000 each

* Be sure to state which award you are applying for. The following information should be included in your application; the number of publications, number of TA appointments, number of meeting presentations, any honors or awards previously received, and specific career plans (i.e., if you plan to go on to graduate school, where, what program).

You can only apply for one award in a given year and you can not receive the same award twice. All material must be received in 135 Smith Hall by March 15. Announcement of awards will take place in April and awards will be made to your student accounts the following academic year.

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