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Metalloprotein Interest Group (MPIG) Seminar Schedule

Spring Semester 2016 Schedule

7 p.m.(unless marked otherwise)

117-119 Smith
(Kate & Michael Bárány Conference Room)


Jan. 12             

Melanie Rogers (Lipscomb Group)
117 Smith           Mechanistic Studies of Rieske Oxygenases

Feb. 9       

Andrew Jasniewski (Que Group)
117 Smith           Peroxalypse Now - A Journey Upriver to Investigate Structural Aspects of Oxygen Reacting between Two Irons in the Enzymatic Jungle

March 8          

Sarah Harris (Pierre Group)  
117 Smith           Luminescent Lanthanide Probes for Analyte Detection

April 12            

Laura Clouston (Lu Group)
117 Smith               Unraveling Trends in Metal-metal Bonding: N2 Reductive Silylation with Co-M Bimetallics     

May 10           

Prof. Adam Fiedler, Marquette University               
4:30 p.m.            TO BE ANNOUNCED
117 Smith

June 14           

Johannes Klein (Que Group)
4:00 p.m.
117 Smith           The Aqueous Chemistry of the [FeIV(O)TMC)]2+
Determining the pKa of an Aqua Ligand Bound to an FeIV=O Unit





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