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Over the years, Noam Elkies has composed any number of puzzles involving chess, wordplay, interesting facets of the English language, etc., sometimes as a contributor to the National Puzzlers' League (NPL, where he goes by א) or occasionally to extracurricular puzzling at Harvard.  Some of these can be accessed directly from pages on Noam's Harvard website [more specifically, here]– it is a privilege to share a few that may be of particular interest to regular visitors to our pages

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Haitian Folklore (2009).  Solve the 19 ordered clues (some may require googling) and then solve for the final answer word.  Click here for answer (by NDE) and here for answer (by GB).  Note that the final answer word was assigned to Noam as a target, before he constructed the puzzle.

Word Rectangle (January 2012). Grid is 4 rows x 6 columns. Contributed to the Tenth Gathering for [Martin] Gardner. Click here to view or download the puzzle in PDF format. This document includes, in fine upside-down print, the solution and explanation. For more about the conference, click here or here. Of course, Martin Gardner was a legendary figure in recreational mathematics.

Enigmatic (June 2012).  This cryptogram can be considered a companion to A Cryptic Tribute. The solution is found by clicking here.

Caveat Solver (July 2012). An unusual 10x3 grid. Click here for answer and further notes.

Proof of Concept (February 2013). Grid is 3 rows x 6 columns. Click here for answer and further notes.

It's a Trapezoid! (December 2012, posted April 2013). Unusual grid (see title). Click here for answer and further notes.

All 4/1 (March 2013, for April Fool's Day, 2013). Grid is 3 rows x 4 columns. Click here for answer and further notes.

Sing a Song of Five ... (June 2013, posted November 22, 2013, a date of great significance in the history of music).  The puzzle is a 5x5 word square, and its solution is discussed in the last paragraph of this "midrash" to a 15x15 68-word crossword puzzle by George Barany and Noam Elkies (your call as to which order you do the puzzles).

With a Grain of Saltarello (December 2013, posted February 3, 2014 on the occasion of Mendelssohn's 205th birthday). Grid is 3 rows x 6 columns. After working on the puzzle, please follow the link that Noam Elkies provides on the bottom of his page.

In the Prime of His Life (February 19, 2014). A decagonal mini-crossword for a special occasion. Click here for answer and further notes.

I Can Haz Word Triangle? (August 2009, posted March 1, 2014 on the occasion of a certain answer word in that Saturday's New York Times puzzle). The puzzle is a 7-word triangle. Click here for answer and further notes.

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