Eliminating the Competition Contest Prizes BETA - STILL TRACKING DOWN SOME INFORMATION

The contest was brought to you by George Barany and Friends Crosswords, runtpuz.org, and Puzzazz.

Winners will be announced on this page by the end of February 2016. As of the close of the contest, we had 55 Grandmaster level, 12 Master level, and 25 Open division winners. Click here for examples of prizes for a similar contest held a year ago.

We thank our sponsors and prize for their generosity [please support their work!], and we also appreciate shout-outs to the contest from the Wordplay, Puzzazz, Crossword Nation, PuzzleNation, and BEQ blogs.

Grand Prizes
[to be randomly drawn from all completely correct answers of those planning to attend the respective tournaments]
Three Paid Registrations to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament [Stamford, CT, April 1-3, 2016]
Complimentary Registration to the Fifth Annual Minnesota Crossword Tournament [Saint Paul, MN, June 12, 2016]
Puzzle Ebooks from Puzzazz (require iPad, Phone, or iPod Touch)


TBA (donated by Puzzazz)   Puzzazz Gift Certificates for $20, suitable for Puzzazz’s Year of Puzzles or any of Puzzazz’s wide variety of  puzzle ebooks (5 total)   TBA (5 winners)
TBA (donated by Curtis Blake)  
Details pending
  TBA (numerous winners)
Crossword Subscriptions and Related

Name   More Information   Winner
Crossword Nation (Elizabeth Gorski)   Complimentary subscription (sent weekly via e-mail) (2 total)   TBA (2 winners)
John Chaneski and David Shaw of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild   The Crossword Puzzle Mug, which is yours permanently (3 total), with a new puzzle provided on a monthly basis   TBA (3 winners)
Victor Barocas   Ada Cross Detective Crosswords (3 total)   TBA (3 winners)
Mike Shenk, Amy Goldstein, and Robert Leighton  

Amazing Mind Benders 2016 Page-A-Day Calendar

Autographed Puzzle Books (Crosswords and/or Other Puzzles)
Author   Book   Winner
Roy Leban   The Librarian's Almanaq, a unique all-in-one puzzlehunt (signed in invisible ink)   TBA
Patrick Merrell   Zep: A Puzzling Adventure and "bonus" bookmark and miniposter   TBA
Will Shortz (Editor)   Will Shortz's Favorite Puzzlemakers (3 total)   TBA (3 winners)
More Puzzle Books (from various sources)
Author   Book   Winner
Maura Jacobson   New York Magazine Crosswords, Volume 7   TBA
Kevin McCann and Mark Diehl   The 21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary   TBA
Stanley Newman (Editor)   Crossword Superstars Take a Bow   TBA
Stanley Newman (Editor)   Crossword Superstars on the Red Carpet   TBA
John Samson (Editor)   Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #13 (The Mega)   TBA
David Levinson Wilk   Ever-So-Clever Crosswords   TBA
Autographed Crossword Puzzles (determined in consultation with winner) (* means additional options)


George Barany (*)   "Vanity" puzzle (possibly non-standard dimensions) with winner's name and other interesting info in the answer grid. See Latin Lovers, Come Together, and Ode to Joy! for examples from last year   TBA
John Child (*)   "Vanity" puzzle as per Barany description, above.   TBA
Mark Diehl (*)   Freestyle puzzle with winner's name at 1-Across.   TBA
Victor Fleming (*)   Custom puzzle to spec, that may (or may not) be published. See MYSTERY PUZZLE from last year.   TBA
Tom Pepper (*)   "Vanity" puzzle as per Barany description, above. See The Gang's All Here from last year.   TBA
Charles Deber   Autographed published puzzle TBA   TBA
David Steinberg   Autographed published puzzle TBA   TBA
Brad Wilber   Autographed published puzzle TBA   TBA

Several of our contest winners asked that their names not be posted on this webpage. The remainder, FINISH THE THOUGHT

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