56-Downed-Up Charges
"Midrash" by George Barany, Christopher Adams, Martin Herbach, and Alex Vratsanos (May 2016)

Several members of our group are simultaneously fascinated and horrified by the unfolding Presidential election campaign, and find ourselves compelled to provide rapid-response commentary via the medium we know and love best. The present puzzle was inspired—a word that must be used with considerable trepidation—by a "Twitter war" that recently broke out between the presumptive Republican nominee (68-Across/56-Down) and the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts (3-Down). For overall orientation on these current news events, please click here or here.

Our purpose here is to provide non-comprehensive scholarly backup to some of the clues in our puzzle, sans further editorialization and certainly without endorsing any of the offensive viewpoints therein reported. We do hope that you find some our links amusing, or even fodder for further thought.



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