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Professor Cramer featured in article on research for the military

On Monday, December 12, the Minnesota Daily newspaper wrote an article, "Department of Defense projects bring military touch to civilian research," on how Department of Defense projects bring a military touch to civilian research. The article features Professor Christopher Cramer who is leading a project using computer simulations to study the properties and reactions of chemical weapons, which may lead to better ways of detecting toxic substances and cleaning them up for military, and for board civilian and law enforcement use. Cramer also served on the committee that developed the university's Openness in Research policy, which does not allow restrictions for when and how the school publishes research.

The article was written by Jeff Hargarten with contributions from Greta Kaul and James Nord. The photo of Professor Cramer was taken by Stachell Mische-Richter. To read the article online, go to

Download a PDF of the article.