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2015 Graduate Student Research Symposium honors

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Winners of the 2015 Graduate Student Research Symposium, Beaker & Bunsen awards that included a certificate, mug, and $600 travel grants, are (front row, from left) Megan Weisenberger, Chad Hoyer, Debanjan Dhar, and Jinbo Hu. Honorable mentions (back row, from left) are Rebecca Carlson, Gabriella Perell, Jacob Brutman, and Ryan Cammarota.

Four students-Debanjan Dhar, Chad Hoyer, Jinbo Hu, and Megan Weisenberger-received top honors at this year's Graduate Student Research Symposium, Tuesday, June 2. They received Beaker and Bunsen award certificates, mugs, and $600 travel grants. Honorable mentions were given to Jacob Brutman, Ryan Cammarota, Rebecca Carlson, and Gabriella Perell.

This year's participants, who were mostly third-year graduate students, also included Suyue Chen, Yang Fan, Evgenii Fetisov, Grant B. Frost, Nicole Gagnon, Clifford Gee, Sarah M. Gruba, Sarah M. Harris, David B. Harwood, Alexander C. Johnson, Lindsay M. Johnson, Shaohong L. Li, Camille Malonzo, Daniel "Josh" Marell, Sadie C. Otte, Alexandre H. Pinto, Tian "Autumn" Qiu, Marzieh Ramezani, David Alexander Schnepper, Nicholas A. Serratore, Kailey Soller, Ivan C. Spector, Jeffrey C. Sung, Victoria M. Szlag, Andrew K. Urick, Yi Zhang, and Ang Zhou.

This year's distinguished judges included Timothy W. Abraham, Ph.D., senior principal scientist for Cargill Inc.; Daniel LeCloux, Ph.D., Global technology manager for DuPont Microcircuit Materials; and Terry B. Smith, Ph.D., technical director for Corporate Research Materials Laboratory.

Faculty judges were professors John Ellis, Nicholas Frost, Marc Hillmyer, James Johns, Connie Lu, Lawrence Que Jr., Theresa Reineke, Ian Tonks, and Gianluigi Veglia. Session moderators were Rebecca Mackenzie, Jennifer Strehlau, Sarah Wegwerth, and Xiaojie Wu.

The 14th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium Committee members were Professors Renee Frontiera, James Johns and Ian Tonks, Communications Coordinator Eileen Harvala, and Assistant to the Chair Christine Lundby. Technology support was provided by Webmaster Eric Schulz and Information Technology Professional Mike Casey.

Download a pdf of the winners group photo, and the winners with judges group photo.