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Chemistry B.A. Application Process

Once students have been admitted to the College of Liberal Arts, they may pursue admission to the Chemistry major. 

A.  Preparing to Apply

Students who plan to submit an Application for Major Status need to meet with an advisor in the Chemistry Department. The Chemistry advising staff will give you information about the major and the application processin a one-on-one meeting.

B.  Application Process

Students are eligible to apply for Chemistry major status once they have met the following minimum requirements:

B1.   Completed the following courses by the application deadline with a minimum (unbracketed) technical GPA of 2.0.

                      For Chem 1062 and 2301, minimum grades of Care required.

                      For the other courses listed, minimum grades of C- are required.

                   Notes:  "Unbracketed" means that all attempts at a course (which resulted in a letter grade of A - F) are factored into the GPA.

                      Courses taken at other institutions may fulfill degree requirements; however, they will not be included in the technical GPA calculation.

                        •  Chem 1061 (lecture) and 1065 (lab)

                        •  Chem 1062 (lecture), and 1066 (lab)

                        •  Chem 2301 (organic chemistry lecture)

                        •  Math 1271 or 1371  (Calculus I)

                        •  Math 1272 or 1372  (Calculus II)

                        •  Math 2263 or 2374  (Multivariable Calculus)

                        •  Physics 1201W or 1301W

                        •  Physics 1202W or 1302W

B2.  Attended a required Premajor Information Session (see Part A) or met with an advisor in the Chemistry Department (135 Smith Hall).

C.  Application Deadlines

Applications for the Chemistry major are accepted during two periods each academic year:

Admission Term

Applications Begin

Application Deadline

Spring semester

October 1

December 30

Fall semester

March 1

May 25

Please apply as soon as possible.  Early application will allow us to better understand how the demand for the Chemistry major may impact the technical GPA cutoff point required for admission, and to advise students accordingly.

D.  Application Instructions

Step 1: Complete the Application Form

Click here to download and print form.

Step 2: Complete a Proposed Major Program Plan/Timeline

This is a preliminary version of the courses and timeline you will complete for the major, if you are admitted to the Chemistry BA program.  Use the Major Program Plan/Timeline to list the classes you will take to complete your major requirements and when you will take each major course on your plan.  Do your best work on this Major Program Plan/Timeline. The Admissions Committee will review your plans to determine your attention to detail in choosing and scheduling your major courses, and your ability to complete the major requirements by the end of your final semester at the U of M.

•              Use the Chemistry website to help with course selection.

•              Indicate the specific courses you might choose to complete the Advanced Lab and Advanced Technical Elective requirements in the three boxes in the “Course Requirements” section.

•              Indicate which semester you might take each course by scheduling them in the “Program Timeline” section.

Step 3: Submit Application

All documents must be received by the application deadline to receive consideration.  Do not submit materials that are printed double-sided, do not staple applications, and be sure materials are submitted in order:

             •    Application Page

             •    Program Plan

             •    Unofficial Transcript

Admission to the Major

Admission to the Chemistry major is a competitive process based on several factors, including the successful completion of specific technical courses (as listed in Section B1), the student's technical (unbracketed) grade point average (GPA) for courses taken at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and the required application materials (Section D). 

Automatic Admission for Qualifying Students

Students who meet the required criteria (Sections B1 through B3) and submit the requested application materials (Section D, Steps 1 - 4) by the application deadline (Section C) will, upon review of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, be automatically admitted to the Chemistry major if they also satisfy the following two additional criteria:

         •  Technical (unbracketed) GPA of at least 3.2

         •  Chem 2301 (Organic Chemistry I) course grade of B- or above


Applicants will receive their admissions decisions via email within two weeks of the application deadline.

New Chemistry Major Planning Meeting 

Applicants who are admitted to the major must attend a New Chemistry Major Planning meeting with a Chemistry advisor in order to declare the major.