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cryo-TEM image of mesocrystals

R. Lee Penn

ProfEssor of Chemistry

University of Minnesota
B4, 139 Smith Hall
207 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

cryo-TEM of zeolite nanocrystal in vitrified water


9/1998 - 4/2001 Post-doctoral research position, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

8/1998 Ph.D. in Materials Science, U. of Wisconsin - Madison.

6/1992 B.S. in Chemistry, Beloit College, WI.

Academic Employment:

2017 - present: Director of Undergraduate Studies (Chemistry)

2015 - present: Professor, Chemistry, U. of Minnesota.

2008 - 2015: Associate Professor, Chemistry, U. of Minnesota.

7/2001 - 2008: Assistant Professor, Chemistry, U. of Minnesota.

     I also hold graduate appointments with Water Resources Science and Geology and Geophysics.

9/1998 - 4/2001: Post-doctoral researcher, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

9/1999 - 12/2000: Adjunct faculty, Chemistry, Towson University, Baltimore, MD.

9/1992 - 8/1998: Research Assistant, Materials Science Program, U. of Wisconsin — Madison.

Research Interests:
Environmental solid-state chemistry - especially electron transfer reactions at the particle-solution interface
Geochemical cycling of natural and synthetic contaminants (e.g., Arsenic)
Aggregation and Growth mechanisms of nanocrystalline particles in suspension
The link between chemical reactivity and particle size, shape, and microstructure
Magnetism of natural and synthetic nanoparticles
K-12 Chemical Education in the Particular Nature of Matter and Nanotechnology

Awards and Honors:

Merck Professor (2017-2021)

Distinguished University Teacher (2015)

The Horace T. Morse - University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education, (2015)

Institute on the Environment Fellow Award (2012)

George W. Taylor/IT Alumni Society Award for Distinguished Teaching, 2009

McKnight Presidential Fellow (2008)

U of MN "George W. Taylor Career Development Award" (2008)

Voted "Best professor in the Chemistry program" by student in the Institute of Technology (2008)

U of MN "Thank a Teacher" Award (2007)

National Science Foundation CAREER award (2004-2009)

U of MN "Thank a Teacher" Award (2002)

Albert and Alice Weeks Best Student Research Papers Award, 1999

MSA crystallography award, 1998

National Physical Science Consortium fellowship, a six year award, 1992.

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