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December 2018

Grant Frost

Grant successfully defended his dissertation "Organic Reaction Selectivity via Metal-Catalysis: Discovery, Development, and Mechanistic Analysis of Nitrile, Ester, Arene, Azide, and Alkene Transformations". Congratulations, Dr. Frost! (December 27)

Grant Frost Michaela Mittlestaedt Chris Douglas

Grant's work on intramolecular diazo group transfer, with help from undergraduate Michaela was published in Chemistry A European Journal. Great work! (December 4)

November 2018

Margaret Clapham

The group welcomes Margaret Clapham into our group. She will be co-advised by Renee Frontiera. (November 14)

October 2018

Matt Eastwood Shengyang Wang Connie Anderson Steve Underwood Chris Douglas

Members of the group presented at the ACS Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) 2018! Matt and Steve gave talks on some of the total synthesis work in the group, Connie gave a talk on our acylation work, and Shengyang presented a poster on some of the C–N bond activation chemistry from our lab! (October 21–23)

Chris Douglas

Chris gives another seminar at a PUI, this time at Ripon College! (October 12)

September 2018

Chris Douglas

Chris gives a seminar on some of our work at Grinnell College, home to group alumni Melissa Hardy, Phil Gemmel, and Siri Bruhn! (September 27)

August 2018

Zhuoran Zhang

Zhuoran successfully defends his thesis, "A systematic study of acene derivatives: synthesis, crystal structures, optical and electrochemical characterizations". Congratulations, Dr. Zhang! (August 16)

We bid farewell to Siri as she makes her way back to Grinnell College. Best of luck, Siri! (August 9)

Nick Serratore Connie Anderson Grant Frost Truong-Giang Hoang Steve Underwood Phil Gemmel Melissa Hardy Chris Douglas

In a Herculean effort, Current members Connie, Grant, and Steve, along with group members Nick, Giang, Phil and Melissa Publish their work on acylating aromatic rings with steric control in JACS! Good job, team Acylation! (August 8)

Chris Douglas

Chris travels to Washington D.C. to serve as a facilitator for the Cottrell Schollars Collaborative New Faculty workshop. (August 2–4)

July 2018

Connie Anderson Shengyang Wang

Two graduate students presented their work; Shengyang presented at the Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium, and Connie at the Midwest Women's Chemist Retreat. Great job! (July 27–29)

Minigolf 1
Minigolf 2

The group took a break for some mini-golf at Walker Art Center! And don't worry, the students were only an obstacle for the boss on the green! (July 20)

June 2018

The group, with the Topczewski group, spent a weekend camping and canoeing at Willow River State Park! (June 29–30)

Siri Bruhn joins us from Grinnell College as a summer Lando student. Welcome, Siri! (June 5)

Connie and Steve present their third-year talks at the Graduate Student Research Symposium. (June 1)

May 2018

Grant begins his position as a lecturer teaching CHEM 2311 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory) at the U. (May 28)

Congratulations to group alumna Elizabeth for graduating with a B.S. in Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering from the U!

Lafe succesfully defends his thesis, “Structure-function relationship of acene based organic semiconductors for use in organic field-effect transistors and organic photovoltaic devices”. Congratulations, Dr. Purvis! (May 14)

April 2018

Lafe and Chris coauthor with Michael Tony on the morphological, chemical, and electronic changes of conjugated polymers using thermal annealing. Read the work in iScience. (April 27)

The group took an outing to bowl at Memory Lanes! Matt clearly dominated, but Chris and Lafe were neck and neck for second place! (April 20)

February 2018

Pan, Jason and Shengyang coauthor the paper "Palladium and Lewis-Acid-Catalyzed Intramolecular Aminocyanation of Alkenes: Scope, Mechanism, and Stereoselective Alkene Difunctionalizations" in JACS. (February 21)

January 2018

Lafe and Zhuoran, in collaboration with the Cramer Group, published their paper "Synthesis and Characterization of Electron-Deficient Asymmetrically Substituted Diarylindenotetracenes" in J. Org. Chem. (January 23)

Chris closes out his sabbatical year with a holiday trip to Thailand with his family.

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