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			photo fall 2019

Fall 2019

Back Row
1. Thy Duong, 2. Casey Carpenter, 3. Connie Anderson, 4. Emma Murphy
Front Row
1. Steve Underwood, 2. Matt Eastwood, 3. Chris Douglas, 4. Margaret Clapham
Not Pictured
1. Shengyang Wang
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February 2019

Chris Douglas

Chris gave a seminar on our acylation work at Hamline University. (February 15)

January 2019

Casey Carpenter

Casey successfully passes his preliminary exams. (January 28)

December 2018

Grant Frost

Grant successfully defended his dissertation "Organic Reaction Selectivity via Metal-Catalysis: Discovery, Development, and Mechanistic Analysis of Nitrile, Ester, Arene, Azide, and Alkene Transformations". Congratulations, Dr. Frost! (December 27)

Grant Frost Michaela Mittlestaedt Chris Douglas

Grant's work on intramolecular diazo group transfer, with help from undergraduate Michaela was published in Chemistry A European Journal. Great work! (December 4)

November 2018

Margaret Clapham

The group welcomes Margaret Clapham into our group. She will be co-advised by Renee Frontiera. (November 14)

October 2018

Matt Eastwood Shengyang Wang Connie Anderson Steve Underwood Chris Douglas

Members of the group presented at the ACS Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) 2018! Matt and Steve gave talks on some of the total synthesis work in the group, Connie gave a talk on our acylation work, and Shengyang presented a poster on some of the C–N bond activation chemistry from our lab! (October 21–23)

Chris Douglas

Chris gives another seminar at a PUI, this time at Ripon College! (October 12)

September 2018

Chris Douglas

Chris gives a seminar on some of our work at Grinnell College, home to group alumni Melissa Hardy, Phil Gemmel, and Siri Bruhn! (September 27)

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